Diocesan Council

This Council meets twice a year in Southwell. Times vary slightly but are always advertised in Link-up.


The Diocesan President, Vice-Presidents, Past Presidents, Secretary, Accountant, Treasurer, all Unit Co-ordinators, the Training Officer, the Social Policy Officer, the Editor of Link-Up, the Families First Organiser, the Press Officers, the Away From It All Representative, the Indoor Members’ Prayer Circle Correspondent, the World Wide Links Correspondent, the Chaplains, the Mothers’ Union Enterprises Representative, the Deanery Leaders, Deanery Secretaries, Commissioned Speakers, any Central Officials, the Hospital Visitors’ Organiser, the Minutes Secretary, the Archivist. and 2 other members from each Deanery who are able to get to Council Meetings. Not more than four people may be co-opted. 25 members of Council, exclusive of the Chairman, shall form a quorum.

All Branch Leaders and Assistant Branch Leaders and a Branch Member are eligible to attend Diocesan Council, but may not vote unless they are a member of Council in their own right.

Wives of Bishops and Archdeacons who are Mothers’ Union Members shall be invited to become ex.officio Vice-Presidents of the Diocesan Mothers’ Union.

Functions of Diocesan Council are:

  • To be a debating forum of the general Mothers’ Union work in the Diocese and to send resolutions to the Board of Trustees
  • To elect Triennially all Diocesan Officials including the Trustees
  • To receive reports from World Wide Council
  • To make suggestions for the Diocesan work for the coming year to the Board of Trustees.

NOTE: Representation on all Unit Committees

The Diocesan President, the Vice-Presidents, the Diocesan Secretary, the Training Officer and the Press Officers are ex.officio members of all the Diocesan Unit committees excepting that of the Finance Unit.


The Diocese has a comprehensive Insurance Policy through Mary Sumner House which covers all members engaged in all Mothers’ Union activities.

We follow Mothers’ Union guidelines on Child Protection, Data Protection and Health & Safety.

Members of Diocesan Council 2010 – 2012 (70 members)

Chaplain – Nottingham A/D Revd vacant

Chaplain – Newark A/D Revd

Diocesan President Lucille Porter

Vice-President – Nottingham Janet Burnet

Vice-President – Newark Janet Davies also Social Policy

Past President Sue Banks also Diocesan Members co-ordinator

Diocesan Secretary Jenny Hodson (no vote)

Diocesan Accountant Jenny Hempstead (no vote)

Diocesan Treasurer Graham Noon (no vote)

Gift Aid Organiser

Minute Secretary Irene Munroe (no vote)

Finance & Admin Co-ordinator Sheila Allton also Archivist

Faith & Policy Unit Co-ordinator Olwen Kerswill

Indoor Members Prayer Circle Correspondent
Mary Scott

Hospital Visitors Organiser Brenda Bacon

Action & Outreach Co-ordinator Ann Hickman

Away From It All Holidays Representative
Janet Clothier

Worldwide & Overseas Links Representative
Pat Atkins

Marketing Unit Co-ordinator Susan Parker

Training Co-Ordinator Sheila Allton

Link-Up Susan Parker/Christine Sharman (1 vote)

Mothers Union Enterprises (Literature)
Marion Morris

Families First Barbara Sales

Press Officer – Newark Archdeaconry

Press Officer – Nottingham Archdeaconry

Mothers’ Union Speakers :
Pat Brewin, Nick Harding, Marcel Leaver, David Mellors, Valerie Mellors, Emily Smith, Daphne Wayne