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We are in the process of creating a brand new online shop. The aim being to fix all current errors and bring in a load of new features, including the following:

  • Customer product reviews and comparisons
  • Brand new categories and improved navigation between products
  • A working search function that will allow you to hunt by SKU, price, category or any combination
  • Tags and Wishlists
  • Email products to your friends
  • Gift Vouchers

If you have any specific requests or things that you’d like to see added / fixed, please let us know in the comments section below.

Many thanks


  1. Mrs Margaret Royle Reply

    I have been a member for 50 years and belonged to 5 different branches. Many branches open their meetings by singing a hymn before their MU service. As this singing is mostly unacompanied, it is not very inspiring, especially if the group is small and elderly. I would like to see MU Enterprise selling CDs of appropriate hymns for use at meetings throughout the churches year. The charity PARCHE produces sets at £12.00 including postage and I have in the past purchased Christmas Carols on CDs from Kevin Mayhew through SPCK shops. I’m sure that the MU branches would not be the only ones to purchase these as there are many churches without organists, and where small congregations struggle to sing hymns. Some churches use CDs produced by cathedral choirs, but it is not the same when the singing is dominated by well trained voices.
    I also think that a simple wall thermometer would be useful to indicate when the temperature of a room is correct for elderly people. There was a very simple cardboard one produced by Age UK, and if MU produced one in similar style, it would not only help people in the winter months, but would also act as an advertisement for MU where it would be seen by all visitors.
    I hope you will find these suggestions useful.
    Margaret Royle

    • Corbin Reply


      Thank you for your excellent suggestions, I will pass this along to our sales manager.

      All the best


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