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Frequently asked questions

How much will this cost?
The website hosting and installation is entirely free and will remain so. There may be a small cost for advanced features like domain redirections.

I already have a website
If you’re happy with your current site, that’s great, this hosting package probably isn’t for you.
If you’re looking for an easy way to upgrade the look / functionality of your site, why not give this a try? We will usually be able to copy all of your current website content into the new package, and you may run your new site in tandem with your current site, with the option of cancelling at any time.

Will I get to choose my own domain name?
Your site will be hosted under the following format:,
however you may redirect any available URL you wish.
When a visitor types in ‘’ they will arrive at your website.

What will my site look like, can I make changes?
We will install a Mothers’ Union branded template to get you started. As long as you use Mothers’ Union branding principles you may customize this template however you wish.

I haven’t run a website before, I’m not too sure how it all works
All the hard work has been done behind the scenes, leaving you to concentrate on content. You’ll find that creating a web page is just as easy as sending an email.

Updates to your website will occur through your browser, so you can make changes from any computer with internet access

I’m interested in creating a large site for my diocese / church group, are there any restrictions on size?
No, you may create a site as large as you need. You can also set up other people with accounts so that they may access your website to add or edit content

Ideally I’d like a site that has a forum / photo gallery / online shop / subscriptions…
You are able to use any of the features that we have installed for our sites, this includes all of the above options and many many more.

What system are we using here? Do you have any example sites?
We’re using WordPress, a popular open source platform. It was originally created to host blogs, but is so extensible that it can be used for any purpose.

If you’re using WordPress you’re in very good company, here are some example sites:
(Will open in a new page)

What happens if I need to move my site, or your servers go offline
We will keep your website content as safe as possible, with daily backups and regular safety checks. If you ever need to transfer your content to another host, you’re able to do so using an easy export / import function.

What else do I need to know
At the moment we’re limiting sites while we transition to a new service, but please register your interest.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully, your site may be suspended if it is used for nefarious purposes