Loving for Life

edited older coupleMothers’ Union works with local clergy in offering a workshop to couples choosing to marry in church.  Loving for Life enables couples to consider some of the common sense issues within a marriage relationship and give them a variety of tools to use when negotiating any difficulties they may face.

A team of trained facilitators has delivered over 27 Loving for Life workshops across Norfolk and Waveney.  The content is drawn from a variety of sources which can be adapted to suit a local situation and is delivered with clergy.  Starting with a shared meal, we explore the key aspects of marriage such as hopes and expectations, communication, the management of potential areas of conflict.

Loving for Life is both fun and thought provoking for couples of all ages, who are encouraged to reflect on their future marriage both separately and with their partners. U-tube provides some wonderful material for lighter moments.

One couple commented “Loving for Life is a bit like marriage guidance before you start” and another said

” It was a lovely day, something I will remember”free tree

After each Loving for Life course, couples are invited to leave their names and the date of their wedding on a prayer tree.  We promise that they will be prayed for by Mothers’ Union members on their special day.

To discuss running a couples’ Loving for Life workshop, please contact Win Sutton, Loving for Life Co-ordinator on: 01603 880853 or email: MUlovingforlife@gmail.com

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