New Branch in Antwerp

On Sunday 24th September 2017, we opened our new branch of the Mothers’ Union, in St Boniface Church in Antwerp. Eleven members were enrolled. This was fantastic news, which showed  how strong a branch they are, and how committed they are to the work we do. Our service, conducted by Father Andrew Wagstaff, (which took place during the normal Sunday Eucharist service) was well attended by the congregation, who gave the group a well deserved round of applause. The branch are already committed to a project in Uganda, where they are supporting a much needed Day Care Centre for the elderly. Well done all of you. After the service we shared a light lunch, and had time to chat and learn more of what the branch is doing. We pray for the branch and that they continue to flourish and succeed in their work. 

Diocesan President Commissioneddsc05867_cropped

During Evening Prayer in Diocesan Synod in Cologne, on Wednesday 15 June Mrs Tonie Chandler, from the Vendee in France was Commissioned by the Bishop as Diocesan President of the Mothers’ Union. She made a commitment to serve God in this special capacity, and after she was formally admitted the congregation affirmed their willingness for their prayers, loyal support and encouragement.

We’re not quite sure what you do – so what does a PP do?
I am privileged to be the Provincial President (PP) for the Province of Canterbury which covers 29 dioceses in the southern part of England (Derby downwards) and also the Diocese In Europe. As it covers such a wide area the membership profile is very varied. My Nikkirole is to represent the members within the Province at Worldwide Trustee Board meetings and to liaise between the Dioceses within the Province and the central office. I also endeavour to keep in touch with, support, and pray for members.
Each Diocese, including the Diocese In Europe has a Diocesan President (DP) who is involved in the work more locally. Within each diocese this differs according to local need whilst all the time endeavouring to support relationships and family life in all its forms.
In the first few months of 2016 I have been fortunate enough to be with several Dioceses as they Commission their DP and Trustees (Bath, Chelmsford, Chichester, Oxford, Salisbury and Canterbury) and liaised with the Union of Catholic Mothers at their Annual Service in Westminster Cathedral. Later in the year I shall be visiting Guildford, St Edmundsbury & Ipswich, Lichfield, Portsmouth, Salisbury and Lincoln to speak to their members, and visiting Southwark, London and Derby for services. I will also be visiting Malta and hope to meet some members there.
I have attended a week long Worldwide Trustee meeting (there is another one later in the year) along with conference calls with some of the worldwide trustees.
Many Trustees across the province come to training sessions for their role. Both speaking with them, and members from different parts of the Province, or indeed across the world, I am encouraged and awed by the depth and variety of work they are involved in. I am grateful to each and every one of you as you take on this work in the Lord’s name.
I pray that you will be encouraged both by your membership of Mothers’ Union or by meeting and getting to know more about our work. Someone said Mothers’ Union is the Churches best kept secret. Let’s endeavour to change that!
Nikki Sweatman

My name is Tonie Chandler. I am married and now live in the Vendee, France, having moved here with my husband Chris in 2009, just after we retired.  I have four children, all married, and seven grandchildren.  They all live in southern England apart from my eldest son and his family who live near Cape Town, South Africa.

I have always worked in the Care sector, firstly as a nurse, but then moving to Care of the Elderly. My last role was as a Training Manager, training care staff who care for all ages.

I have been a member of the Mothers’ Union since 1979 and have subsequently been Branch Leader at the branches in Rochester where I joined, Bracknell, and Weston-Super-Mare.

We attend parish church of All Saints Vendee, but as this is a very large parish, we only have one service a month in our area. Other Sundays, we meet as a group for ‘Home’church.

When we were in Weston-super-Mare, our church had a link with the church of All Saints, Mbala, Zambia We were privileged to visit our link parish, where I was able to spend some time with the members of The Mothers’Union, and to see the wonderful work that they are doing, particularly with people in the community who are suffering from HIV/Aids and malaria, as well as supporting the children who are orphaned because of these diseases.

I am a Diocesan member of the Diocese in Europe, but without a branch to attend as there are none in the Vendee. I look forward to helping to support branches and individuals to grow through regular information and contact.


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Mothers’ Union has launched a brand new website to help promote the organisation and the outreach work its doing to support families across the world. Along with its fresh layout and design the site offers practical support to parents and couples; features a new members section, accessible by all; and a special area for Chaplains of Mothers’ Union.
There are prayers and worship resources for members and non members alike to download and use in their churches and a section on how you can get involved with Mothers’ Union.
Interactive maps of the UK & Ireland and the worldwide Mothers’ Union give details of the work members are doing across the world. From the homepage you can see the latest videos and news. Do have a look at the site today and share with your friends and families.w600_3777649_newwebsite

Archbishop of Canterbury commissions Lynne Tembey as Mothers’ Union’s new Worldwide President.

In a private ceremony held on Monday 3rd December at St. Matthew’s Church, Westminster, UK, Archbishop Rowan Williams commissioned Mrs Lynne Tembey as the new Worldwide President of Mothers’ Union’s four million members worldwide.

Speaking during the service, Archbishop Rowan called Lynne Tembey to a service of obedience to meeting the agenda of the needy, and commended Mothers’ Union’s outgoing president, Rosemary Kempsell, for doing just that during her six years in office.

Lynne, a Mothers’ Union member for the past 33 years, will head up the most culturally diverse Board of Trustees in the organisation’s 136 year history, with six elected trustees from Zambia, Kenya, Ghana, DR Congo, Guyana and Isle of Man joining with nine trustees from the UK and Ireland to form the new Board from January 2013.  Elected representative members from Tanzania and Mozambique will sit on advisory committees to the board.

“With a new Board structure that truly reflects the international scope of Mothers’ Union, we will be able to use the experiences we have from all over the world to bring cohesion and focus to our activities right across the organisation.” Said Lynne. “We have a vision of worldwide equality and a desire to see Mothers’ Union grow and flourish so that it will be fully equipped to serve the communities in which we live.”

Speaking during the Mothers’ Union election process earlier this year, Lynne called on all members of Mothers’ Union, to consider how they might bring about this vision of a flourishing, and empowering Mothers’ Union. “We need to make disciples of all ages, encourage entire family membership and support people to grow in faith so they are excited to witness to the gospel of Christ.”






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Faith & Policy Watch is a great way for members to keep up to date with social policy activities in other dioceses, as well as the work at Mary Sumner House. Many articles give ideas and suggestions for action and you can use the newsletter to inspire your own social policy work or to support the work of others in prayer. Faith & Policy Watch is available to download on the MU main website-


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    • The Diocesan President:
    Mrs Tonie Chandler

    • The Diocesan Treasurer:
    The Reverend Hilary Jones
    (Allschwil, Switzerland)

    • Action and Outreach Co-ordinator:
    Sheila Lewis (Lanzarote, Canary Islands)

    • Faith and Policy Co-ordinator:

    • The Diocesan Chaplain:
    Revd Dr Deborah Chapman
    (Barcelona, Spain)

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