Website Tutorial 2

Here is the second screencast in our website tutorial series

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  2. andy scott Reply

    Hi Corbs
    I am currently running a website ( which I also designed with great difficulty and with virtually no computer experience seven years ago.
    Barbara Woods President of the Diocese of Europe MU has asked me to look at setting up a website for them and I stumbled onto your page. What a godsend! it looks as if it will be easy!
    I am visiting UK (as I live in Gozo Malta) over the christmas period and hope to meet up with Barbara to see what she wants and expects from her site. Meanwhile I will keep up with your tutorials as they appear and look forward to using your services in setting up http://www.mueurope….
    best wishes

    • jonathan Brain Reply

      Dear Andy, we know Andy and Miriam Jelfs and work along side them in the UK with
      We are visiting Gozo this Saturday till the folowing Tuesday…. If you are free it would be lovely to meet up and share a coffee…
      We may well be staying at the Jesus Centre or in Gharb… the arrangements are yet to be finalised.

      God bless


      • Andy & Chrissie Reply

        Dear Jonathan
        Have just come across you post on the blog page of MU which I don’t look at that often but am setting up a web site for the Mothers’ Union in Europe at the moment.
        I’m not sure why your message is there….the wonders of technology!
        Sorry but I realise that you are leaving Gozo today, so have missed you.
        We are staying with Margaret and Peter Holden 27-29th December and it would be good to get in touch as we would like to find out a little more about the Jesus Centre. I believe it has recently become part of the Baptist Union?
        I am Chaplaincy warden for Gozo in the Anglican Chaplaincy here, but we are finding the new Chancellor of St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral Valletta at the moment rather not to many’s liking …difficult times!
        Give our regards to Andy & Miriam
        best wishes for Christmas

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