Websites, a day in the life

An online presence always attracts opportunists armed with spam, lots of spam. Filtering out the nonsense from genuine communication is part of our daily grind. Fortunately it isn’t hard to tell which is which.

Most spam messages are reasonably well written and attempt to obtain your credit card details with a minimum of fuss. However some spammers find this approach far too easy, and set themselves the task of trying to convey meaning without the constructs of grammar and syntax.

I’ve posted a few of the prime examples below, we usually receive 6 or 7 of these every day. Be sure to check this post for updates as I’m sure the best is yet to come.

Contributor names are in bold, links to promoted websites (mostly gambling) have all been disabled.


Oh. Not the magician has more)))

latus insurance company
Trina, ROFL!!


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