Social Policy

From its very beginning Mothers’ Union has been passionate about issues affecting the family.  This translating of our faith into action is what we call Social Policy.

In the Diocese of St. Albans we are involved with the national Bye Buy Childhood campaign focussing on parents’ concerns about the commercial pressures on children today.

Since the publication of the government-backed Bailey Review called “Letting Children be Children” members are preparing to find ways to support parents to cope with the pressures put on families by highstreet shops, television, the music industry and 24/7 internet access.

Labelled for Life

Labelled for Life is the latest tool in the Mothers’ Union’s Bye Buy Childhood Campaign.  The guide explains how marketing is aimed at children, gives practical ways to manage commercial influences on the family, outlines codes and regulations governing marketing to children and offers suggestions on taking further action to end commercialisation of childhood.  It is available from the Mothers’ Union at a cost of £2 and is non profit making.   To obtain a copy call 020 7222 5533, or email

Occasionally we are asked to respond to government consultations, usually at short notice.  If you would like to get your voice heard, please contact Liz James, Mothers’ Union Diocesan Secretary on 01727 858979 (answerphone at times) or email:

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