Elections of the MU Trustee body from 2016 – 2018

Elections of the MU Trustee body from 2016 – 2018

In the first half of 2015 we will be asking for nominations for candidates and electing the office holders for the triennial period 2016-18 whether they be unit leaders, general trustees, or area leaders.
Each of us is responsible for:

  • praying that new leaders will offer themselves or consider offering themselves for roles to take Mothers’ Union in this diocese forward;
  • considering whether we ourselves might seek nomination;
  • looking out for potential leaders and inviting them to agree to being nominated.

The current role descriptions for the various posts will be available on our website www.munorwich.org by the end of December 2014.
Please read these carefully and prayerfully with the 3 above options in mind.   If you do not have access to the web, copies will be available from the office on receipt of a stamped addressed envelope.   This is your chance to help secure the future of Mothers’ Union in this diocese.

Geoffrey Dorling, Co-ordinator F&CS and Rosemary Large, Finance Officer have reached the end of their periods of office, as has Barbara Mannell, as a General Trustee and are ineligible for re-election.
Of course all 13 Trustee positions are open to members who wish to seek election.
For the information of members, the current Trustee Board is made up as follows:

By clicking on the Titles of the Trustees in bold you will be taken to the job description:
Marguerite Phillips                     President
Geoffrey Dorling                        Vice-president and Co-ordinator Finance & Central Unit Services
Felicity Randall                          Co-ordinator Action & Outreach
Anne Epps                                 Co-ordinator Faith & Policy
Eunice Norwood                        Co-ordinator Communications and Fund-raising
Rosemary Large                        Finance Officer
Sybil Martin                               General Trustee and Social Policy
Sonia Mann                               General Trustee and Links co-ordinator

                                                     Training Officer

Anne Everitt                                General Trustee

Betty Ellis                                    General Trustee
Barbara Mannell                        General Trustee

Sheila Tuffield                             General Trustee
Paulette Yallop                           General Trust

                                                    General Trustee currently vacant

                                                    Area Leader job description