Registered Charity 249682


The MOTHERS’ UNION is a Society within the Anglican Communion.

Every meeting of the Mothers’ Union shall include a time of prayer.

1              AIM

The Aim of the Society is the advancement of the Christian religion in the sphere of marriage and family life.


2.            OBJECTS

  • To uphold Christ’s teaching on the nature of marriage and to promote it’s wider understanding.
  • To encourage parents to bring up their children in the faith and life of the Church.
  • To maintain a world wide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service.
  • Topromote conditions in society favourable to stable famrly life and the protection of children.
  • To help those whose family life has met with adversity.


3.            PURPOSE

To be specially concerned with all that strengthens and preseryes marriage an6 Christian famiiy life.


4 .           DIOCESAN PATRON


The Bishop at the time shall be a Patron.  The Bishop exercises the right to appoint the Honorary Chaplain in discussion with the Diocesan President.



The Chaplain’s term of office is for three years with eligibility for reappointment for one  further term of three years.   Appointments to be made in the second year of any triennium.


6 .           MEMBERSHIP

Open to all who have been baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity and declare their support for the Aim and Objects of the Society. (see Regulation 1 )


7.            OFFICE HOLDERS

It shall not be possible for one person to hold more than one Diocesan office at any one time.



The affairs of the Mothers’ Union in the diocese shall be managed by a body of Trustees to be known as The Diocesan Board of Trustees.

Subject to this Constitution the Trustees may exercise all such powers and do all such things as pay be necessary for the good governance of the Diocesan Mothers’ Union and in particular (but not by way of limitation) they shall:

  • Determine policy and strategy
  • Produce a three year rolling plan
  • Keep income and expenditure accounts
  • Present independently examined accounts to the Annual Meeting
  • Manage and supervise the finances of the Diocesan Mothers’ Union
  • Monitor, review and evaluate the work of the Diocesan Mothers’ Union
  • Receive resolutions from and present twice-yearly reports to Diocesan Council
  • Ratify the appointment of elected Diocesan Officers
  • Call triennial elections



The Board of Trustees shall meet at least three times a year and at other times when necessary.



5o% of voting members plus one other member (voting or nonvoting) shall form quorum.

If not present to chair a meeting, the President shall nominate a Vice President to take her place.


The Board of Trustees shall consist of the following :

Voting Members

The Diocesan President (chairman)

3 Vice-Presidents ( onefrom eachArchdeaconry )

4 Unit Co-ordinators

4 general trustees

Finance Officer

Non Voting Members

Diocesan Secretary

Honorary Treasurer

Powers Of Co-Option (Non Voting)

Up to four persons with required relevant experience and/or skills for a period limited by the Board of Trustees.


a)      The Diocesan Chaplain shall be entitled to participate in meetings of the Board butshall not be a Trustee or entitled to vote.


b)      No person in receipt of a salary an honorarium or wage from the society shall beeligible for election as a Trustee.


c)       The Trustees shall have the power to appoint members to fill vacancies which mayoccur during the triennial period if they so wish.


d)      If not present at THREE consecutive meetings without good cause, as decided by the Diocesan President, a member shall forfeit the right to be a Trustee.

e)      Meetings of the Trustees shall be called with not less than two weeks’ notice.

f)       5o% of the Trustees may, at any time, request the President, in writing, to call an extra meeting for business. The nature of such business must be notified to Board Members in writing before the date of the meeting.

g)      No member may serve for longer than nine years as a Trustee.

Anyone taking offiee during the first year of a triennium shall be deemed to have served the whole period and may serve only one further term in that office, if it is during the second or third years they may serve for two further terms (subject to g) above).

9              ANNUAL MEETING

The Secretary, acting on orders of theTrustees, shall call an Annual Meeting, which shall be open to all Mothers’Union members in the Diocese. The meeting shall be called with not less than 21 days notice.

At the Annual Meeting the following reports shall be received:

1. Financial statement and independently examined accounts

z. Report of the Diocesan Trustee Body to include –

Prayer and Spirituality Unit

Action and Outreach Unit

Finance and Administration Unit

Marketing Unit

Mothers’ Union Diocesan Projects

10           DIOCESAN COUNCIL (see also Regulation e)

The Diocesan Council is the consultative body which:-

Elects and supports the Trustees and receives their reports

Provides a forum for discussion and debate

Gives advice and provides expertise to the Trustees

Makes resolutions for consideration by the Trustees

Provides working groups as and when necessary

The Council shall comprise:

Diocesan President

Diocesan Trustees (Voting, Non Voting and Co-opted)

The Immediate Past President (for one triennium foliowing completion of service as Diocesan President)

Diocesan Trustee appointees to Unit Committees

Deanery Leaders

Branch Leaders (or a representative elected by the Branch to whom the vote is transferred )

One Diocesan member representative for each Archdeaconry  – (elected by the diocesan members in their respective archdeaconry)

Up to 10 Co-opted members, appointedbyTrustees triennially

Any member on World Wide Council or Central Unit Committee who is resident in the diocese.

Diocesan Secretary                         – without power to vote

Assistant Diocesan Secretary      – without power to vote

Diocesan Treasurer                         – without power to vote

Diocesan Chaplain                           – without power to vote


11           UNITS   (see also Regulation 3 and 4 )

The work of the Mothers’ Union within the Diocese is carried out, in the main, through four Units, Prayer and Spirituality, Marketing, Action and Outreach and Finance aid Administration.  Each led by a Co-ordinator, who will be on the Unit Diocesan Advisory Panel at Mary Sumner House and will chair the Diocesan Unit Committee.


The role of the Unit Leaders :-

  • ‘To work with the Diocesan President in furthering the work of the Mothers’Union in the Diocese.
  • To receive information from Central Mothers’ Union and channel it to the President, Trustees and Members.
  • To plan Unit strategy
  • To enable Diocesan policy, within their remit, to reach Branches and members
  • To liaise with branches and deaneries in matters related to their sphere of work
  • To provide a forum for communication


  • Elections are held every three years to coincide with Central triennial elections.( see Regulations S and 6 )
  • All elected office holders shall retire after three years.
  • ‘They will be eligible for re-election or appointment provided they shall not serve for more than two terms of three years in any post nor more than nine consecutive years as a trustee ( see also para 8 g).
  • All elections shall be by secret ballot.


13           SUBSCRIPTIONS

Every member is required to pay the annual subscription published by the Diocesan Board of Trustees at the Annual Meeting

Information on CURRENT SUBSCRIPTIONS for Branch and Diocesan Members is available from the Mothers’ Union Office or Vice Presidents.

Anyone joining in the first 6 months of the year will be expected to pay the full Annual subscription.   Anyone joining in the second half of the year will pay half the subscription for that year.

14           FINANCE

The Diocesan Financial Year extends from 1st  January to 31st  December and. Applies equally to Branches and Deaneries.

All operations are subject to Financial Standing orders approved by the Trustees.

The Diocesan charity Number 249682, should appear on all correspondence and cheques.

The Diocesan Mothers’ Union is an active organisation, which contributes to the life of the church and community. Funds need to raised for the work of the Mothers’  Union within the Diocese and world wide. Methods of fund-raising must be approved by the Trustees.



There will be a constitution working party whose role is:

a)      to monitor the constitution in terms of performance and compliance

b)      to prepare a timetable and background papers for triennial elections

The working party will act in an advisory capacity with no decision making power.

Amendments To The Constitution

Amendments to the constitution shall be made only after they-have been discussed by Diocesan Council and approved by two consecutive meetings of the Trustee Body.