New Diocesan Banner 2013

At our festival service at The Parish Church of St John the Baptist, St John’s on Friday 10th May we were delighted to receive our new banner from four members of the IOM Embroiderers Guild who had stitched the banner.

embroiderers and banner


The names of all those who made the banner are as follows Helen Sargent, Jean Taylor, Liz Brand, Sheila Dove, Sue Carine, Kay McKiernan, Jean Shimmin, Marion Moffat, Dee Newson and Sheila Huxley. And there were donations of materials from members of the branch. Very many thanks to all of you for the beautiful banner that you have created.

The back of our new diocesan banner.

The back of our new diocesan banner.

new banner 2

                       Old Diocesan Banners

Old Diocesan Banner

Old Diocesan Banner in Peel Cathedral.

                  Banners around the Diocese

Having taken a photograph of each of the banners that were present at the Festival service on 10th May 2013 and put a copy on their branch pages I am conscious that we have some banners that no longer have a branch meeting at the church that bears their name. These banners will be added to this page and as we decide to take the banner picture off the branch page, to make way for a different picture, they will be added here too.

Arbory Banner

Arbory Banner


St. Paul's Ramsey

St. Paul’s Ramsey

St. Patrick's Jurby

St. Patrick’s Jurby






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