Marigold Seager-Berry is now compiling the Prayer Network since Sheila Gould retired. Sheila started the network and we are most grateful for what she has done and the care she took in sensitively publicising the requests. Marigold now asks for requests and reminds us that the person to be named must give his or her consent or in the case of children a parent. Details other than a short request will only be publicised if asked for and at Marigold’s discretion.

We know that this has been a valuable outreach and that people have been comforted and have found real answers to the prayers as well as giving MU members the opportunity to pray for those in need of prayerful concern.  Do use this, add the requests to your own prayers and send your own requests to Marigold: her details are in the handbook or you can contact her by  going through the office. If you wish to be added to the list of those who receive all the prayer requests, always by email, contact Marigold.

A prayer of St Augustine for all sufferers:

Watch Thou, Dear Lord, with those who wake or watch, or weep tonight, and give thine angels charge over those who sleep.

Tend Thy sick ones, O Lord Christ; rest Thy weary ones; bless Thy dying ones; soothe Thy suffering ones; shield Thy joyous ones;   and all for Thy Love’s sake.