Families across the UK & Ireland get Away From It All


“I had fled from my husband with two of my daughters because of domestic violence and mental abuse. We had nothing. However we spent a wonderful week as a family; not just as a holiday but it was a time with my daughters to talk and understand how they were feeling.” AFIA holiday recipient.  


AFIA..November 2015 report at the Autumn Council

We had 17 applications during the year, 2 of which had been with us from the previous year but one was cancelled due to childbirth. We therefore arranged 14 holidays for 34 Adults, 8 teenagers, and 24 children under 5.

Reasons for applications vary  from Sole parent, Depression, a Death in the Family, Leukaemia,  registered disabled, to a request for family time.

I feel we need to cover a wider field.  Out of necessity the contacts at present come from the area in which our Archdeaconry reps live.

2015: We did not spend the full £5,000 budget the total being £4678.08 .  ‘Haven’ gave us discounts totalling £1405.46 for which we are most grateful.

To Date:  unfortunately I have only received one thank you letter for this year, it arrived recently  and  was read out at the Autumn Council meeting. The last four  holidays were  taken during the Autumn half term, so perhaps we may hear  from them later.  This has been rather disappointing.

Our representatives:  Ruth Edwards, Barnstaple:  Janet Jones, Totnes:  Mavis Davis, Plymouth,  but a replacement is needed to take over from her: Dora Petty,  Exeter

We need Branch support in contacting a more diverse number of referrals, including our Parish Priests, local Doctors, and local Medical and support centres.

At this Autumn Council in the  Branch, Deanery and Diocesan Folders members will  receive a letter which I am asking  you to reproduce and place personally into the hands of  your Parish Priest as well as giving a copy to other agencies. Details of your Archdeaconry reps who will respond to requests for application forms are given in this letter.

We still need our branches’  financial support when you make your annual donations.  We already have several contributions from Branches, a promise of £500 from the Cathedral and a wonderful Legacy of £10,000 from the estate of Miss Evelyn Rose Cooper, a  past MU Member who wished the money to be spent on work with children

Soon I will be going with Nickie to MSH, and hope we may bring back some ideas to put before our Trustees.

Dora Petty.

Exeter diocesan representative: to be contacted through the office.

Please email for more information.