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Dear Helen

Thank you for your beautiful letter.  I enjoy hearing of your work in Exeter Diocese.  Our Wave of Prayer is from the 10th to the 13th 2016, around the same as Exeter so we pray for each other.

We are  doing it a little different in the hope of attracting more members.  We will be assembling in Queen’s Park Bridgetown and travel to St. Augustine Church for Mass then we will visit St. Luke and St. Philip Churches for a brief history of each one.  We will Travel to the King George V Memorial Park for lunch and a Rally before ending the day with Evensong.  I am looking forward to this old fashion excursion.

Mothers’ Union in Barbados continues to be very busy but I pray every day, and thank God for the strength he has given me and my team to carry out the work of the Mothers’ Union.  The Breakfast Programme continues to provide for our less fortunate children.

Prayer Request

I thank you for offering to pray for us in Barbados.  We have been seeing an upsurge of sudden deaths. Young persons seem to be falling dead  and we find this troubling.  Others, from medical reports, are dying from heart attacks in the  40’s and 50’s age range.  Young persons 17 and up complaining of feeling unwell and before you turn around they are dead.  This has been going on for almost 6 months now.  We do need your prayers for courage in these frightening times.

Community Work

celebrations for safe house

celebrations for safe house

We continue to do community work, assisting parents in getting their children back to school, and donating items of stationery to schools.  Only on Saturday 3rd September, I was in Bridgetown assisting a parent with books and shoes for her son.

The Mothers’ Union in Barbados will be hosting the next Provincial Council West Indies meeting next year (2017) and we are therefore preparing to raise funds for this event.  This is an exciting time for us.

Your Knit and Natter looks interesting. It looks as though it is a pleasure to grow old.

We will continue to pray for your diocese and am happy to know of your work in Devon.

God Bless you all.

Iris Harewood, Diocesan President, Barbados