Province of Canterbury

What does a PP do?


PP in this case stands for Provincial President, and I have the privilege of being your Provincial President, for the Province of Canterbury.  I was previously Diocesan President of Coventry Diocese and before that I lived in Croydon (Southwark Diocese) and Luton (St Albans Diocese) where I joined MU in 1983.  One year into the “job”, I have been asked what exactly I do – a very good question!

The Church of England is divided into two provinces, Canterbury and York, both of which have an archbishop and a PP.  There are also Provinces of All Ireland, Scotland and Wales who have their own PPs (and archbishops!)  My role is to represent and speak for the members in my Province at the central Mothers’ Union Board of Trustees, and to keep in touch with, support and pray for the members in the Province.

Canterbury Province covers 30 dioceses, from Derby and Lincoln to the Channel Islands, and from Lands End to Dover.  It also includes the Diocese in Europe, which is quite different to the others!  Though, the more I hear about how MU operates, the more I realise that each Diocese, and each branch is totally unique.

This year, I will be visiting some of these Dioceses, starting at Guildford on Lady Day, 25th March.  On 30th April, just after the Royal Wedding, I will be speaking in Bristol Diocese at their AGM, and in June I will be in Edinburgh for the General Meeting, and then to Ludlow in Hereford to speak at their Diocesan Council meeting.  I hope I’ll get to meet some of you on my travels, and find out what you are doing locally.  I am constantly amazed at the variety of projects and the love and care that members show to those around them, and I thank you for all the work you do in the name of Mothers’ Union.

Felicity Hawke

Provincial President, Canterbury