LEADER: Sylvia Robinson

Treasurer: Brigitte Alexandre

Secretary: Janet Campbell

CHURCH WEBSITE: http://church-in-france.com/


May 2016

Between HM’s Birthday Celebrations and all the Political rhetoric the achievement of one of our own Mother’s Union Committee members Judith Rawlinson who heads up AFIA our Charity to send a deprived family on holiday, seems to have been overlooked. Judith and her daughter decided to do a Sponsored walk. The following is in her words: My daughter Julie and I started our Pilgrimage at Sarria in Spain on 28th April 2016 walking 116 kilometres and arriving at Santiago on 5th May, Ascension day so an extra big pilgrims Mass was held in the Cathedral, we were amazed at how many people of all ages and nationalities were walking the route. At the Mass they swung the giant botafumeiro, it takes 8 men to operate it quite a sight. We had our Pilgrim passports stamped along the way and collected our certificates at the end to prove we’d done it. Great experience and met some lovely people. Raised 618 euros in Sponsorship. We in Mother’s Union are so very proud of her and thank her and Julie for such a splendid achievement.


After several days of intense heat it broke in a the usual way with a thunder storm, my heart sank Friday 24th June was our Celebration of Her Majesty the Queens 90th Birthday and we with great daring had planned a Boat Trip! But ‘ HE’ was watching over us and I woke to a calm warm day. When we planned the event we of course had no idea of the significance of the date so it was with some amusement that I heard two gentleman inform a group that should anyone make mention of it they would be thrown in the river. When a Boat trip was first discussed I had no idea that our Sec/Finance Brigitte would find us such a perfect venue Les Gabarrers is the Boat Company and is in Juac- Saint Simon. It has a large area for Picnic’s and we sat alongside the River Charentes it was shear delight to listen to the laughter while watching the swans glide past and the occasional holiday boat pass by waving as they continued on there way. Picnic’s were packed away and several members visited the Museum and sharp at 3 pm we made our way just a few steps along the tow path to the boat. We in committee had made the decision to rent the whole boat and thankfully our minds were put at rest by the splendid turnout of over Forty members & friends. It was great to have space to wander about and chat to everyone. It also had a large awning which happily was only in place to protect us from the sun and so the fun began Rosemary Hill had made a beautiful large cake and Brigitte supplied the Fizz ( low of course) and HM’s health was proposed and Happy Birthday rang out over the river, a moving moment on a day that proved to be a moment in History we would all remember.



The branch of Christ the Good Shepherd, Poitou Charentes was inaugurated in 2005 with about fifteen members. Rosemary Hill thought that she was the only member in the chaplaincy until Joyce and Alan Bache arrived and increased the membership to 3!

After finding a few more members there were several meetings held at Rosemary’s home, before a publicity stand was set up at the chaplaincy Christmas Bazaar in 2003. Amazingly, more existing and lapsed members came to light that day, plus several possible new ones, and it was decided that the time had come to officially start a branch. The chaplain encouraged us to do so.
Since 2005 the membership has increased to 30, including 2 male members.

Due to the size of the chaplaincy it is impossible to meet on a regular basis so we arrange a programme of events throughout the year, some in the “north” and some in the “south” of the chaplaincy. We have our annual Quiet Day, our Bring and Share Lunch and our AGM centrally so that as many members as possible are able to attend. The rest of our programme consists of Treasure Hunts, Lent Lunches, coffee mornings, strawberry teas and BBQs, and we have a stand at the chaplaincy summer fete and the Christmas Bazaar. We keep in touch by E-mail, and via. our monthly chaplaincy magazine, and of course through our prayers.

In 2010 we set up our first AFIA holiday, raising the funds (almost 1000 euros).

During 2012 we arranged our usual Lent lunches which were well attended.  In  April we enjoyed a car treasurer hunt followed by cheese and wine party.  A summer BBQ was held in June.  Revd Hazel Door led us in a Quiet Day in September.We were again able to send a family on an AFIA holiday in July raising the funds through a chaplaincy-wide “Hymnathon” in April.

Our African themed stall at the chaplaincy summer fete 2013
one of the hand-made quilts raffled for the AFIA holiday, and our autumn “Quiet Day” – lunch is not usually quiet!!

IMG_0343mu quiet day (17) mu quiet day (20)

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