Sudanese refugees are the main Mothers’ Union members in Finland. They are mainly living in the three towns in Northwest Finland of Oulu, Vaasa and Kokkala. Their priest Fr Amos Manga lives in Oulu and he is responsible for the Sudanese community in Chaplaincy in Finland.

The Archdeacon of Germany and Northern Europe, Jonathan Lloyd, visited our Sudanese congregation at Vaasa, Finland in 2010. Archdeacon Jonathan said “The Anglican community at Vaasa are worshipping God with joy and celebration. They yearn to return to their country from exile, when Sudan returns to peace. “I was greatly encouraged by their Christian witness and real sense of joyful hope.”

Some of the joy of the Eucharist, which begins and ends with dancing, is portrayed in the photograph. The second picture is of the Archdeacon with members of the Sudanese Mothers’ Union in Vaasa.



During Advent 2010 many churches in the Diocese in Europe supported an appeal from the Bishop for financial support for Anglicans from the Sudan who live as refugees in western Finland, having escaped violence and suffering in their home country. The White Nile Congregation is led by Fr Amos Manga (himself a refugee from the Sudan). There are several hundred families who gather from wide distances, with the church community being a vital support both spiritually and practically.

Rev Amos Manga has sent this letter of thanks from himself and his congregation:-

Dear Bishop,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

I write this short letter to you with my deep thanks. We are grateful for your support and prayers for us and especially thank you for financial support for the White Nile congregation in Finland. That great support will help us arrange programmes that we could not arrange before. It will enable us to begin the basic English Language Course for our congregation in Vaasa, Kokkola and Oulu which will make history for the Sudanese community living in Europe.

It makes us happy that all Anglicans and Episcopalians in Finland can rejoice to be working together. In our White Nile congregations, with your financial support, we can look forward to youth activities and family conferences too. It gives us confidence to plan for the future.

We thank you so much. May God bless you and our Diocese

Amos Manga

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