LEADER: Margaret Campbell


Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday each month

in either the Church House: Calle Jilguero 19, Urbanizacion Almijara 2 Sur, 29780 Nerja.

or the Church Charity Shop: situated in Calle Malaga near the centre of Nerja.

Meeting in May 2014
Our branch meeting in May was attended by 27 people, mostly Mothers’ Union members but a few guests joined us too.  We welcomed two people from Alcoholics Anonymous who spoke to us about their sickness and the impact it had had on their home and family life.
This meeting has engendered even more interest in the Mothers’ Union and another three people have asked to become members.

11 It seems that the Mothers’ Union in our parish is going from strength to strength!
Three new members admitted on Mothering Sunday 2014
We were delighted to welcome three new members into our branch on Mothering Sunday this year.  Val Bacon joined in Almunecar and Audrey Fletcher and Janet Pearce were admitted in Nerja and afterwards they helped distribute posies to members of the congregation.43





These new members decided to join after a Presentation at a Cheese and Wine evening on the work of Mothers’ Union world-wide given by Carol Johnston at the end of February.

At our meeting on July 3rd 2013 we went through the second part of the ‘Seeds of Growth’ programme and discussed various points. We felt that here in Spain somethings were not applicable to us due to the language and cultural differences but we did do our best to promote The MU here.
We made plans for a fund- raiser we plan for September. The Spaniards love sweet things so we are going to have ‘An Afternoon Tea’ to show them how it is done in UK.
We do not meet in August as many members are away avoiding the summer heat, which has not really arrived yet. I think you are getting it in England!
So we meet again on Wednesday September 4th at 2pm in Church House.

The meeting held on June 5th 2013
The speaker was the husband of one of our members, William Burkey, known to us all as Bill. Bill has written a book ‘A Walk Down Memory Lane’ it is about he and his Mother’s escapades during the blitz of WW2 in the North West of England. He read various passages from the book which jogged some of our memories and the meeting then became an exchange of our childhood anecdotes about our parents and grandparents.

At the April meeting  our Chaplain’s wife, Carol, the new Diocesan President did a powerpoint presentation about this year’s  new MU theme  concerning the growth of MU.
At the May meeting Mary Hurdley gave the members a talk about a recent holiday in New Zealand. Our trip was to North Island where we stayed with 2 sets of friends. One was an Anglican Vicar in Masterton and the other a lifelong friend of mine who lived just north of Auckland. In between visits we did some touring visiting 9 wineries, 4 museums,a cheese factory and an Olivery. Mary finished the talk by telling the members a bit about the Maori Culture which she had found interesting if somewhat confusing.

2013-09-14 12.41.49Our “Afternoon Tea” event on Saturday September 14th.

It was held  in and around our Church Charity Shop. Members came up trumps with some delicious homemade cakes and  several holidaymakers stopped by for a nice cup of british tea.
We made €160 towards buying gifts for the children in the home in Langeron which we support.
We will not have a meeting in October as many members are away but in November we will probably be filling shoe boxes with gifts for the kids and planning a trip to Langeron to deliver them.


We were inaugurated on Sunday March 22nd 2009 at the Church of San Miguel in Nerja, and have a core of 12 members but we are often visited by Mothers’ Union members from UK either holidaying or in Spain for the winter. We try to have speakers at most meetings and at our last meeting had a really interesting account of Jill Lee’s holiday in Iran. A strange holiday destination you might think but Jill had worked in Iran 34 years ago and her comparisons of the changes since the days of the Shah’s rule were most informative.

We support various charities including an orphanage in Malaga, and members knit Teddies for Tragedy, Vests for Mother Theresa’s dustbin Babies, clothes for premature babies and blankets that are sent where needed.

Included in our programme last year was a Meditation on the theme of ‘Relationships’.  We had speakers from Hacienda Los Olivos Retreat Centre and also  from the local cancer charity Cudeca.

One of our members makes wedding (day) blessing cards which are given to couples in our parish. We also continue to present a card and candle at Baptisms. Some of our members are involved in collecting food and taking it to” Caritas” who distribute it to the local poor in Nerja.

On Wednesday 1st February 2012 the Revd Geoff Johnston, from Nerja and Almunecar parish was enrolled by the Archdeacon during a Eucharistic Service at the Archdeaconry Synod in Torrvieja. 









Christmas joy started on December 19th for five members of the Nerja & Almuneca Mothers Union branch when they had a pleasurable visit to the Childrens’ Home in Lanjaron. After an an enjoyable session listening & singing Christmas carols together, individual Christmas boxes made up by all the MU members were given to each child. The look of wonder & happiness on the faces of the nine children aged nine to seventeen as they opened their boxes was a joy to see, ( three under five year olds were not present & their boxes were left with the staff). We all came away from the Home feeling uplifted after seeing how little can give so much happiness.


Link with a Branch in UK.

One of our visiting members is a member of the All Saints, East Finchley Branch in London and there is now regular contact between the two.  We have received a Mothers’ Union candle from their branch and we have also sent a small token of our friendship – some ceramic tiles so typical of this part of Spain.

Mary Sumner Day – 9th August 2011

Some of our members enjoyed a ‘summer outing’ to Lanjaron for two reasons.  One was to celebrate the life of Mary Sumner by holding an especially devised service, followed by a bring and share lunch. We enjoyed the kind hospitality of Lyndsey and her mother Agnes, (who played the keyboard for our service) in their ‘corale’.

Following our lunch, Lyndsay and her fellow fundraiser, Hildy, gave us a short presentation on the Children’s Home we hope to be able to support.  They are always happy to receive reams of paper, ink and toners for the printers for the computers that they have managed to purchased recently.  These computers help the children with their homework.  We saw photo’s of the children having a wonderful time in the corale when they had a party.  After a question and answer session with Lyndsey and Hildy, we felt that we may be able to help get the children ‘experiences’  that families normally experience, such as a horse riding session or day out at the zoo etc.  We will also be sending individual Christmas presents for the twelve children.

From the branch correspondent – Mary Hurdley