The Mothers’ Union Branch at Holy Cross Macerata was established when Reverend Sara was transferred to France. During her stay she gave us guidelines on how to run the branch which included, having a president, secretary and treasurer.

The branch started with four members but presently has increased to eight.

The meetings are held once in every other month.

The chairperson / president is Mrs Euphesia Nnenna Emejuru

The aims and objectives of the Mothers’ Union Branch:

  • To serve and love God
  • To have the heart of forgiving one another during offences
  • To pray for families all over the word more especially all mothers that are in trouble
  • Pray for the sick, prisoners and orphans giving them words of advice and encouragement
  • To teach our children to live a Godly life to console and pray for the families of bereaved
  • To support our husbands by praying for them and helping them in family affairs

Since the establishment of this Mothers’ Union branch, it has been running smoothly with the help of Almighty God, and we pray for the branch to excel and expand in the future.