LEADER: vacant


Our meetings take place in members’ homes and follow the theme for the year set by

Mary Sumner House. The meetings are mostly amongst ourselves with help from various Chaplaincy members we can call on to lead us. We are always delighted when a visitor to the island offers to speak to us. Prayer is a big part of our meetings with members reading from the Bible and sometimes their own prayers for a special occasion. Anyone wishing to attend a meeting will be warmly welcomed. Meetings are held on the second Monday each month.

Members were deighted to welcome a new member  at our February 2015 meeting.
She was enrolled by our locum chaplain Revd Derek Akker who is also a member. Sylvia was presented with her membership card and badge.
We are particularly happy to have a new member especially as at the AGM election she became our new secretary.
We are continuing our meetings with a different member leading each month.
It is going well but our prayers are always for someone to take up the position for a length of time.

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We held a Pancake on Shrove Tuesday held at a members home and had a very happy day and made some money for our Action and Outreach projects.

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A few members with our diocesan president Carol with her husband Area Dean Fr Geoff Johnston on their brief visit to the island.