LEADER: Lucia Foerthmann


The Road Ahead

It is a pleasure and honour to assume the role of branch president for the Hamburg Mothers’ Union under the auspices of St Thomas Becket, Hamburg. I see this as aHamburg unique opportunity to make a lasting and meaningful contribution to a valuable ministry while I am living in this vibrant and beautiful city.

The Mothers’ Union is poised for exciting internal growth and increased community involvement this year along with its ongoing and very important mandate to support global MU programs. We have identified areas that will benefit from increased development and attention and we intend to create new programs and enhance existing ones in the furtherance of our main goal; to be a valuable contributor to the Mothers’ Union organization.

Our four pillars of focus will be:

• Brand identity and awareness

• Increased support of and closer involvement with the Mothers’ Union global organization.

• Local community involvement and outreach

• Membership growth

The impact that we can make on our local and worldwide communities is directly tied to the amount of time, talent and commitment that we can provide. As we grow in numbers,we grow in strength.

With all best wishes for God’s blessings,

 Deb Zeni “



A small membership but with continued growth.

Their annual ‘Christmas Party’ is open to all and many African women who are not able to attend weekday meetings join them.

The Hamburg Branch works regularly with children at risk in the Arche Centre at Jenfeld. They also have concerns for elderly residents and have seen a need for pastoral care with those who are alone and sick towards the end of their lives.